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There’s never been a better time to become one of our franchisees. We’re seeking fun and motivated people who share our excitement for the Pita Pit brand – and our hunger for success.

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Pita Pit is the future of fast casual foodservice. People want to change the way they eat. They want something unique and healthy. And they’re bored of the same old burgers, subs and pizza options.

Our food is fun and fresh and reflects the new healthy and active lifestyles. With over 600 locations worldwide and growing, we are poised for explosive growth. Our franchisees not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing that they are invested in a business that becomes a source of pride as well as a profit. There’s never been a better time to become one of our franchisees. We’re seeking fun and motivated people who share our excitement for the Pita Pit brand – and our hunger for success.

How we came to be a Canadian (and International) success story

Fact: we were at the forefront of today’s growing “fresh and healthy” eating revolution.

Our strategy: think like our customers.

When we opened the first Pita Pit in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University back in 1995, we knew from personal experience what students and young professionals wanted but couldn’t find nearby: an affordable yet great-tasting fresh and healthy alternative to artery-clogging high-fat, high-carb fast food. Having been students ourselves in the not-too-distant past, we also knew it was important for a quick service restaurant to stay open late for those nights when you’re studying, prepping a presentation—or just heading home after the local bars close.

How our strategy is evolving.

College students and young professionals remain our prime target audience for daytime meals and late-night snacks after movies, plays, concerts, sporting events and partying. But at the same time, The Pita Pit has been growing up with its customers, satisfying the increasing demand for quick-service restaurants serving better-for-you meals with the freshest possible ingredients. As a result, our restaurants and marketing materials are moving to a fresh and healthy look with broader, family-friendly appeal.

The cornerstones of our strategy:

1. The Pita Pit is all about pitas.

We don’t do burgers. We don’t do fries. We don’t do sandwiches made with thick bread. We do only one thing and we do it better than anyone: pitas filled with lean meats, veggies and garnishes—food that’s healthy, fresh and served fast. We were the first quick-service restaurant to base our business on pitas and pitas will always be our focus.

2. Our site selection criteria are very specific.

It’s not enough for a site to be in a high-traffic area. A good Pita Pit site needs to be convenient for our primary audiences and ideally be open for three meal rushes a day on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

3. Ours is a simple, streamlined operation.

Toppings and meat portions are prepared in advance so pitas can be ready moments after the meat comes off the grill. Even with a long line-up, our customers need to trust that they’ll be served quickly.

4. Our franchisees are former customers.

Pita Pit franchisees are already passionate about what we offer. They understand who our customers are and instinctively know how to market to them. Most have eaten at The Pita Pit while going to university, or while visiting friends or spending time at a resort like Blue Mountain. They plan to make the Pita Pit their primary occupation, working hands-on in their store(s) rolling pitas and greeting customers. The Pita Pit franchisee is totally involved—and is the one who signs the lease with the landlord.

5. We don’t try to be all things to all people.

The Pita Pit has a specific audience with specific wants and needs. To earn their loyalty and encourage them to convert their friends into Pita Pit regulars, we need to do everything we can to serve them well. Only then will they come back once or twice a week every single week. That’s why it’s important to stick to our strategy: because our strategy keeps on proving that it works.

Why choose us?

The Pita Pit: right idea. Right time.

People are changing the way they eat. They want fresh thinking and healthy eating—and they want it now!

The Pita Pit is where quick casual food service is heading. We’re far ahead of burgers, subs and pizza. Our food is fresh and fun and reflects the new healthy and active lifestyles of our customers. Add our high-energy staff and amazing customer service, and we’re poised for explosive growth. The Pita Pit has been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500” list, Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies and Technomic’s Top 200 Chains report.

Now is an exciting time to become a Pita Pit franchisee and be part of a concept whose time has come—and has a long-term sustainable future.

No experience? No sweat.

If you’re interested in opening a Pita Pit franchise but are hesitant because you lack restaurant experience, relax. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is that you care and are willing to work hard. Thanks to all the support that the Pita Pit offers franchisees, prior food-service experience really isn’t necessary. All franchisees are trained to efficiently own and operate a Pita Pit store so they’re confident they can run a successful store by the time their doors open. We’ll consider anyone who’s dedicated to working hard and is willing to follow our proven-successful operating system.

But training is only part of being a success. Our most successful stores are the ones with actively involved owners. These are the ones who work behind the counter alongside their staff, take good care of their customers and motivate their employees by setting a good example and giving them feedback—praising them publicly and correcting them privately. They’re also the ones who reach out to their communities and make sure they’re always part of whatever’s going on.

Ours is a proven system.

As a Pita Pit franchisee, you’ll benefit from a system that has already proven to deliver terrific value for every operating dollar—a system we’ve been fine-tuning for more than a dozen years. Plus, the corporate staff at the Pita Pit is continually seeking new ways for the business to grow and improve, developing systems that ensure you receive the best possible support and most up-to-date information on where the market is heading, and where we’re heading as a company. It’s part of our commitment to “fresh thinking.”

We train you.

Before you open a Pita Pit store, we do everything we can to ensure your success, starting with offering you the benefit of a world-class franchisee training program at our National Training Center in historic Kingston, Ontario.

The program is a six to seven-day course presented by a qualified, trained instructor who covers all the essential topics for operating and maintaining a Pita Pit restaurant to corporate standards. During the course, you’ll split your time between theoretical training in the classroom and practical training in a live restaurant.

The classroom portion of the training will teach you how to hire and train employees, work with food and beverage suppliers, implement effective marketing techniques and manage finances such as labor and food costs.

The practical portion of the training has you working approximately 30 hours behind the counter in a real Pita Pit restaurant. Here you’ll learn proper food preparation and organization, inventory tracking, product ordering/receiving from authorized suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques.

What is the monthly royalty?
5% of monthly gross sales.

Will I get my own territory?
Yes. A quarter kilometer in all directions.

Do you lend money to franchisees?
Not usually. However, there are certain situations where we would consider a financing arrangement. We do have preferred relationships with major Canadian financial institutions to help you acquire financing.

Do you require owners to operate their own restaurants?
Yes. We strongly suggest that at least one investor/owner works full-time on premise as the operator. This is especially critical in the first two years as the business builds its customer base.

How big should a Pita Pit store be?
We have designed our stores to work best in 1,000 to 1,500 square feet of space. Should you find an excellent location with an unusual shape or size, however, our construction department can adapt our layout to meet almost any reasonable dimensions.

How do I decide on a location for my restaurant?
We decide together, combining your knowledge of your area with our expertise in site selection, to help ensure you choose a location that will be practical—and turn a profit.

Shouldn’t I have at least some food service experience?
Nope, just a good attitude and a great work ethic. We will assist you through the entire startup process and train you to operate your restaurant using our proven operating system. If you just follow our lead, work hard and take outstanding care of your customers, you’ll guarantee your success.

How long does the franchise agreement last?
10 years with a 10-year renewal at your option.

Have more questions?
If you still have questions about Pita Pit franchising, we have a support team entirely dedicated to helping prospective franchisees get the facts about restaurant ownership. Just email us your contact information, or contact us at the address and phone numbers below. We’ll gladly help you right away.

Pita Pit Canada
11 Princess Street, Suite 305
Kingston, ON K7L 1A1
Tel: (613) 546-4494
Fax: (613) 546-1436

Start Up Cost

Generally, to be considered for a Pita Pit franchise and qualify for traditional financing, you will need approximately $100,000 in unencumbered capital to invest. If you are able to bring the initial capital to the table, you’ll be well positioned to approach the bank to borrow the rest. Pita Pit does not offer in-house financing at this time.

Cost Details

Deposit toward franchise fee: $10,000 (plus taxes).

Here’s how the costs break down:

CategoryAmount (CDN)
Low ($)High ($)
Franchise Fee20,00020,000
Initial Rent & deposit7,50010,000
Opening Cash1,0001,500
Leasehold improvements144,000182,000
Business license2002,500
Initial Startup Print Pkg.1,5002,000
Legal & accounting fees3,0006,000
Lease fee500500
Initial furniture, fixtures & equipment100,000117,000
Opening advertising2,5005,000
Lease fee500500
Staff and management training expense1,5002,500
Initial Inventory Package4,2009,650
Working capitalVariesVaries
Total Estimated Start-up Costs$291,900$365,150

Note: The capital investment required to set up a Pita Pit varies by location, landlord design criteria and contractor pricing in each area. Leaseholder improvements may vary considerably, depending on the previous state of the premises. Because of this, there is no guarantee that your costs will fall within the range shown. This is meant solely as a guideline. Details of your initial costs can be found in your Franchisee Disclosure Document (Canada).

All applicable taxes, if any, are in addition to the above identified amounts.

Countdown to Opening

When can you open your Pita Pit store?

Here’s a hypothetical schedule. Unfortunately, since so many variables are beyond our control – such as zoning, building permit issuance, availability of qualified construction crews, etc.—this is a guideline only.

Step-by-step Breakdown:

Day 1: Candidate downloads and completes The Franchise Application and emails it to

Days 2–10: Candidate will receive confirmation that we have received the application. The Development Team will review the application and the Candidate may be contacted to set up an initial phone interview to discuss the application and opportunities available.

Days 11–30: Initial phone interview takes place.
Possible in person meet scheduled with Candidate and Development Team.
Possible follow up questions sent via email to Candidate from Development Team.
Final decision is made by our Development Team on whether or not the Candidate will be approved.

If Approved:

Day 30: Candidate is sent an approval letter and disclosure documents. (Most provinces)

Days 31-50: Candidate reviews disclosure documents and sends in the initial Franchise Fee. (For most provinces the law requires a 14-day review period before the Franchise Fee can be accepted)

Upon Receipt of the Franchise Fee:

Days 51-100: Franchise Agreement is signed and location search begins. A Pita Pit development specialist will coordinate with you to begin the site selection process for suitable locations in your area of interest. We assist you throughout the entire process from site selection to a signed lease.

Day 120: Construction begins. Pita Pit and its agents will coordinate with you to begin the build-out process, assisting in choosing your general contractor through to final inspections.

Day 180: Store Opening—Fast Track (from signed lease to opening)

Day 270: Store Opening—Normal (assuming no major delays)

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