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Healthy on Your Terms

Why settle for food that’s not bad, but not great? Why not eat the way you want to live: healthier, more adventurous, more fun? Start with these 3 tips now then check out the full 10 tips in our guide.

healthy on your terms

How do you want to eat? Healthier? Lighter? More adventurously? We’ve made it our mission to give you more & better choices to help you achieve your mission.

healthy on your terms

Want to eat lighter?

Try our 10 fully dressed pitas under 500 calories.

Chicken Breast • Buffalo Chicken • Spicy Black Bean • Philly Steak • Turkey • Garden • Roast Beef • Black Forest Ham • Dagwood Club • Tuna

Want even fewer calories? Have a Petita®. Petitas® (small pitas) average 2/3 the cals & fat of full-size pitas.

healthy on your terms

Want to be more adventurous?

Never have the same pita twice.

With more than 20 Pita fillings & 40 toppings to mix and match, we offer you millions of possible combinations so that eating healthy never gets old.

See the full list of veggies, sauces, cheeses and seasonings in our Healthy on Your Terms Guide.

healthy on your terms

Want to skip the gluten?

Ask for your pita bowled not rolled: a pita served up as a salad!

Have your pita in a bowl: a generously sized salad heaped high with cold or grilled pita fillings & all the toppings you love. Bonus: you’ll also save 210 calories by skipping the bread.

Want a pita that’s Gluten free? See how to avoid Gluten at Pita Pit in the Healthy on Your Terms Guide.

Get the guide

Get more information on the tips above, and more in our Healthy on Your Terms guide.

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