School Lunch Program

Fun food, not junk food for healthier fundraising.

School Lunch Program

Looking for a School Lunch Program with more?

Pita Pit offers MORE of everything that can make a School Lunch Program a hit with kids, parents and schools.

MORE convenience, because Pita Pit will come to your school to find out what you need, let you sample our school lunch pitas, answer your questions and suggest a price structure that works for your needs.

MORE flexibility, because you can adopt our ordering system or you can use your own order form or online ordering system. Whatever ordering method you prefer, we’ll be happy to accommodate it. Plus, if you ever want something that’s on our usual menu but not on our school lunch menu (e.g., for a special fundraiser), just ask and we can provide it.

MORE customization options for kids and parents, allowing parents to choose from a variety of pita and smoothie flavours, cross out any toppings their children don’t like and choose their preferred sauce. Each meal is individually prepared to make even the fussiest eaters happy.

MORE fun and healthy food choices for meat lovers and vegetarians in a menu we designed with the help of a Registered Dietitian to meet or exceed provincial school nutrition standards.

MORE attention to kids with allergies or special dietary restrictions with menu options that work for everyone, including gluten-free selections made in a separate gluten-free area of our kitchens.
MORE fundraising bang for your buck! Need to raise money? We can help.

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