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School Lunch Program

Fun food, not junk food for healthier fundraising.

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At Pita Pit, we take health and nutrition seriously, even though our food is fun.

Our school lunch program meets your province’s school nutrition standards.

To verify that our school lunch offerings comply with school nutrition policies in every province, we engaged Registered Dietitian Angela Liuzzo and her team at Close to the Heart Professional Nutrition Services to analyze the nutrients in our school lunch offerings.

She found that with a few exceptions, our pitas and smoothies meet all standards from coast to coast.

In fact, most of our Petitas™ for schools fall into the healthiest category. The rest fall into a healthy or acceptable category. Also, there is always a vegetarian selection.

We’re Flexible.

If you ever want something that’s on our usual menu but not on our school lunch menu (e.g., for a special fundraiser), just ask and we can provide it.

Very Flexible.

From your list of eight possible pitas, you can choose three, four or even five different options.

On the order forms, parents can cross out any toppings their children don’t like.

Also, each pita option comes with a choice of two different sauces. Parents simply indicate the one their child wants. Need something special? We’ll do our best.

How Our School Lunch Program Works


We meet at your school

We’ll come to you to find out what you need, let you sample our school lunch pitas, answer your questions and suggest a price structure (or we’ll get back to you with one that suits your needs).


Master order form

We’ll compile all information relevant to your school’s program – including prices and pita selection – into a simple form to use as a basis for creating your school’s custom order forms and/or envelopes.


Parents complete an order form

Ordering can be handled any number of ways. You can adopt our ordering envelope system or our simple one-page order form. Or you can use your own order form or online ordering system. We’re very flexible. Whatever ordering method you prefer, we’ll be happy to accommodate it.


Teachers collect the order forms

With printed order forms, we provide each class with a large envelope so the teacher can place all the individual order forms or envelopes inside it and never have to handle any money. The outside of the envelope has an extra order form so staff can order adult-size Pitas for themselves.


Pita Pit gets the class envelopes

You can either drop them off at Pita Pit or we can pick them up – whichever you prefer.


We take it from there

We prepare and assemble all your lunches on the morning of your school lunch event and deliver them about 30 minutes ahead of time. We label each lunch with the student’s name and classroom to make the lunches easy for you to distribute.

Pita Pit School Lunch Brochure

For more information about our school lunch program, download this handy brochure.