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We start with our unique soft and roll-able pita bread, then fill it with your choice of lean, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, flavourful cheeses, and savory sauces.



in a pita

Pita Bread
White (130 cals / 190 cals)
Whole Wheat (130 cals / 210 cals)
Gluten Free (320 cals / 320 cals)

Gluten Free Pitas are available at participating locations only.


and loaded with fresh veggies

Have your pita in a bowl: a generously sized salad heaped high with cold or grilled pita fillings & all the toppings you love.


Make it a Double

2x the meat
(Add 45-270 calories)

Extra Cheese

Cheddar, feta and Swiss
(Add 40-225 calories)

Extra Bacon

(Add 55 calories)

Want to be more adventurous?

With more than 20 pita fillings & 40 toppings to mix and match, we offer you millions of possible combinations so that eating healthy never gets old.


Alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, green peppers, hot peppers, jalapeños, lettuce (iceberg & romaine) mushrooms, olives (black & green), onions, pickles, pineapple, spinach and tomatoes.


Avocado, ancho chipotle, babaganoush, balsamic vinaigrette, BBQ sauce, donair, hot sauce, hummus, Caesar, light Italian, light mayo, mustard (honey, regular), light ranch, Pita Pit’s own Greek Special Sauce, teriyaki, spicy Thai and tzatziki.

Seasonings & Cheeses

Cajun, chipotle mango, garlic plus, pepper, salt and Tex Mex, cheddar, feta, Parmesan, Swiss.

Kid’s Menu

With more fun and flavours, there’s never been a better time to be a kid at Pita Pit!

Pick any Petita® and get a kids’ drink and cookie for free! (400-665 cals)

Or upgrade your drink to a small smoothie (150-190 cals) for just $1.49!

Kid's Menu


Mix it up! Create Your Own! Any combination of juice, fruit and frozen yogurt!

Not available in all locations


Pomberry Detox

Berry pomegranate juice, raspberries & frozen yogurt
(150-295 cals / 1.2g-2.4g fat)

Tropical Mango Rejuve

Pineapple/orange juice blend, mango & frozen yogurt
(130-250 cals / 1.1g-2.2g fat)

Strawberry Banana “Oh Mega” 3

Strawberry-kiwi juice, strawberries, banana & frozen yogurt
(170-335 cals / 1.2g-2.5g fat)

Strawberry-Kiwi Mega C

Strawberry-kiwi juice, strawberries, frozen yogurt
(145-285 cals / 1.2g-2.3g fat)

Blackberry Twist

Pineapple/orange juice blend, blackberries & frozen yogurt
(120-230 cals / 1.2g-2.3g fat)

Chocolate Banana Appeal

Chocolate milk, bananas & frozen yogurt
(185-365 cals / 2.7g-5.3g fat)


Iso Whey Protein

(Add 100 calories)

Double the Fruit

(Add 40-85 calories)

Add Spinach

To any smoothie free of charge!
(Add 5-10 calories)

For 5 or 500 people, we can handle it.

We’ve Got You Catered

For 5 or 500 people, we can handle it.

See Menu
Pita Pit School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program

Fun food, not junk food for healthier fundraising.

How it Works