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made easy at pita pit

Following a ketogenic diet is simple at Pita Pit! With countless ways to create a fresh, delicious salad bowl, you’ll be able to enjoy variety while keeping your carb count low.


Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2,000 calories a day, and children (ages 4 to 12) need an average of 1,500 calories a day. However, individual needs vary.



Load up your salad bowl with a large base of lettuce or spinach. Because they’re so low in net carbs, you can eat a lot of greens while keeping the total carb count of your salad down.



Adding Seasoning to your meat on the grill can completely change the flavour profile of your salad. Try adding Garlic Plus to chicken souvlaki, steak spice to your Philly steak,or add Tex Mex to your chicken.



Keep yourself feeling full and satisfied with fat high dressings like Caesar or the made-in-house Special Sauce. As a bonus, both sauces also have zero net carbs!

Keto-Friendly Items at Pita Pit

All net carb counts are based on a small salad and may vary based on actual quantity selected at the restaurant.

Keto Protein Options

Bacon 1 net carbs
Chicken 0.4 net carbs
Chicken Caesar 1.1 net carbs
Chicken Shawarma 1.3 net carbs
Chicken Souvlaki 0.9 net carbs
Deli Club 1.7 net carbs
Deli Ham 1.2 net carbs
Deli Turkey 1.4 net carbs
Egg – Cage Free 0.9 net carbs
Philly steak 0.4 net carbs

Keto Topping Options

Alfalfa Sprouts 0 net carbs
Avocado 0.8 net carbs
Black Olives 0.1 net carbs
Cucumber 0.2 net carbs
Green Olives 0.1 net carbs
Green Pepper 0.1 net carbs
Hot Peppers 0 net carbs
Jalapenos 0 net carbs
Lettuce – Iceberg 0.1 net carbs
Lettuce – Romaine 0.2 net carbs
Mushrooms 0.3 net carbs
Red Onions 0.7 net carbs
Pickles 0.1 net carbs
Spinach – baby 0.2 net carbs
Tomato 0.3 net carbs

Keto Extras

Bacon 1 net carbs
Cheddar Cheese 0.9 net carbs
Feta Cheese 1.9 net carbs
Swiss Cheese 0 net carbs

Keto Seasonings

Cajun 1 net carb
Chipotle Mango 1 net carb
Garlic Plus 1 net carb
Steak Spice 1 net carb
Tex Mex 1 net carb

Keto Options for Sauce/Condiments

Ancho Chipotle 4 net carbs
Balsamic 1.5 net carbs
Caesar *** Zero Net Carbs
Hot Sauce 0.7 net carbs
Light Italian 1.5 net carbs
Light Mayo 1 net carb
Light Ranch 2 net carbs
Mustard *** Zero Net Carbs
Special Sauce/Greek *** Zero Net Carbs
Tzatziki 2.2 net carbs