Official Animal Welfare & Humane Treatment Policy

The amazing customers of Pita Pit Canada expect high quality and strict ethical standards, which is why we incorporate social responsibility into all our business practices with initiatives that support the environment, community, food safety, and animal welfare.

Like our customers, we are concerned about the welfare of the animals used to produce the foods that we offer, and we recognize that quality and safety depend on healthy animals.

Therefore, Pita Pit Canada has pledged that our chicken producers will meet the animal welfare standards outlined by the Global Animal Partnership, an international farmed animal welfare certification program, by 2024.

For chickens these standards include: transitioning to using breeds determined to have better welfare outcomes; providing more space by reducing maximum stocking density; enhancing living environments including litter quality, lighting, and enrichments; and utilizing a multi-step controlled-atmosphere stunning system.

Another way that Pita Pit Canada is committed to improving the welfare of our chickens was by switching to 100% cage-free eggs in our restaurants in 2019.

To accomplish a complete Animal Welfare & Humane Treatment Policy, Pita Pit Canada has committed to sourcing only pork from producers that do not employ the use of gestation stalls and beef from enriched pasture environments on animal-centric Canadian farms. We will work with our suppliers towards achieving GAP animal welfare standards for all non-vegetable proteins by 2030.

We are proud to continue working with our partners to increase the overall availability of ethical ingredients in the Canadian food chain.